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Works in Progress

I haven’t abandoned crafting–really–but I haven’t had much in the way of finished projects to show off. So here’s a rundown of what I’m working on.

First, I’m still plugging away on the Shawl Collar Cardigan.

I'm bringing back the one-sleeved look.


I have one sleeve completely done, and I’ve actually started on the second sleeve since this picture was taken. And then I’ll just have the collar/button band. Sigh. I’ll admit, this was a bit ambitious for my first sweater, and I’m getting the teensiest bit tired of the project. I still love the Malabrigo yarn, but I’m itching to be done with this and onto new things. And I’m terrified of picking up stitches for the button band. My goal is to be done with the second sleeve and started with the button band before my last class on Monday.

Because I’ve been so wanting to start another project, I did actually start my February Lady sweater too.


Someday this will be a sweater.


I think I like the tops of top-down sweaters the best. It’s such easy knitting, great for while I’m riding the exercise bike, and it’s still small and portable to take to work for lunch breaks. Soon, though, I’ll be dividing for sleeves and onto the lace pattern (eeek!). I really need to force myself to finish the other sweater before I get to that. 🙂

And I have been sewing. Slowly. We had a bit of a snowstorm here, and classes were canceled for two days. Unfortunately, they were still work days, and I worked from home the first day and trudged into work for part of the second day. On the day I worked from home, I did have some extra time for sewing, since there was no commute, and I had my whole lunch hour at home. I could get used to that. So I started my Pendrell blouse.


I need a dress form for taking pictures.


So far, I love the blouse. As horribly slippery as the fabric is, it also feels wonderful, and it drapes beautifully. Sometime this weekend I will try to get the side panels on, do the bias strips for the sleeves and hem it. I think it would look fantastic with my black Beignet skirt (which went into my thinking when I bought this fabric).

Finally, I do intend to do the men’s shirt sewalong, but my husband was stranded in a different state during the blizzard (boo!), and I haven’t had a chance to measure him yet. In any case, I’m not planning to make a full muslin for the Negroni. The fabric I bought is cheap enough that it won’t be a big deal if I mess up, and if it all works out on the first try, well, yay.

Now I just want to get started on my Ceylon and my black skirt (which may or may not be a Beignet) and some other projects I have in mind. It sure would be nice to have unlimited time. f


Knitting Queue

My knitting queue, in no particular order:

  1. The Special Olympics scarf. I’m about one-third of the way through it. If this weren’t for charity, I might quit. I hate this yarn, and scarves are sooooo long. But it’s no-thinking-required knitting, and hopefully someone will enjoy this scarf when it’s done. My deadline to mail it in is January 18, so this is near the top of the list.
  2. An Irish hiking hat for my coworker, Jill.

    Is there special Irish hiking?

    I’m using Red Heart Classic because, well, I already have it in my stash, and it’s super soft. This hat is basically a way to learn and practice cables on a small enough project that I won’t get totally frustrated. I hope.

  3. My first sweater.

    Yay for complicated projects!

    I start my Sweater class at Loopy Yarns tonight! This pattern was most certainly not the easiest pattern I could have chosen, but I think if I’m going to pay to learn to make a sweater I might as well learn as much while I have someone helping me as I can. And I definitely wanted a cardigan for work. I’m using scrumptious and expensive Malabrigo Rios blue yarn for this one (sorry, Azul Profundo).

  4. The February Lady sweater. If this doesn’t make you want to learn to knit, nothing will.

    LOVE this sweater.

    I’ll be using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted in Jalapeno (and this will be a much cheaper sweater than the first!).

  5. Socks! I bought a kit from Knit Picks, complete with interchangeable patterns and enough yarn for five pairs!

    I love the jaunty drink with the socks.

    The kit seems way cheaper than buying all of the yarn and patterns separately. Of course, I may get horribly frustrated and end up taking a sock class at Loopy, but I thought I should at least try this.

I have lots more knitting ideas, and tons of things I want to try on Ravelry, but this is where I’m going to start, and these are the projects I need to at least attempt before I’m allowed to buy any more yarn.

On my master knitting queue is also an afghan, but that deserves its own post (coming soon).