A simple skirt

Back in November, I bought some black Kona Cotton from Sew, Mama, Sew, with the intention of sewing another Beignet skirt. I even bought buttons and lining to go with it from Fabric.com. Well, when I got pregnant, I quickly realized that a Beignet was not going to fit me for long. So, I made a new plan, to sew a simple elastic waist skirt.

It took some time, but I finally made my black skirt.

Headless Kelly so that the shot would have enough skirt in it.

I used a tutorial, but I honestly can’t remember which one. Let’s just say there are a lot of skirt tutorials out there. It’s basically two rectangles with side seams and a foldover at the top to pull elastic through to make the gathers. If I remember correctly, the width is something like twice the widest part (usually hips), which makes the skirt pretty full.

Since the construction was so very simple, I did French seams for the first time! And I’m in love. There are NO exposed seams anywhere on this skirt. I always felt like French seams were more work, but now that I get it, I understand that it’s actually less work than serging/picking/etc. Duh.

Yeah, I don't do cute poses. 🙂

You can see in the pic above (kind of) that I just have the waist sitting under my belly. So it’s not a maternity skirt, per se, and hopefully I’ll be able to wear it post-baby too. Also, I know it looks like my belly button has popped, but actually, I always had an outie; it just didn’t used to strain against my tops!

Bored with the white wall yet?

I probably went a bit too short on the skirt, given how full it is, but I think it’s still more or less work-appropriate. Because I’m pushing the waistband under my belly, the back looks a little shorter than the front. It should look better post-baby.

Anyway, it’s simple and comfortable. I may well make a few more of these in different colors to get me through the summer. But next time I will add pockets!


2 responses to “A simple skirt

  1. Sadie Hawkins

    Saw you at the Navy Pier on Sunday…

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