I finished the sweater!

Well, it only took 5 months…

Don't I look happy to be done? 🙂

I don’t know exactly why I put this sweater down and took SO LONG to pick it up again, except that I feared the button band/shawl collar. But I’d done the hard part (picking up stitches) at my final knitting class, so what I had left was just a lot of long rows of 2×2 ribbing.

This sweater used to fit me perfectly.

I finally got around to working on it again and figured I should finish while the weather was momentarily chilly so that I could actually wear the sweater. I took advantage of an evening alone last night while I skipped out on a White Sox game I was supposed to attend (in 40-degree weather!) to complete it. I had decided that the button band didn’t really need buttons. I never quite way the buttons looked on the pattern, since they were off-center, and I don’t ever button cardigans anyway, so it seemed silly to go to all the trouble to make buttonholes and sew on buttons. As an added bonus, the button band didn’t need to be nearly as wide since it wouldn’t need to overlap. I was able to finish last night, even with weaving in ends and binding off taking way more time than they should.

Web cam pictures of myself from behind are always awkward.

I’m reasonably happy with the finished product. It’s not quite the shape I’d like, but that may be more the pattern than the execution. There are two execution problems. One is that I didn’t do enough rows of garter stitch on the bottom, and the sweater has a tendency to flip up on the bottom. The other problem is that as much as I tried not to, I must have been too tight on the button band, and it pulls the sides up. All in all, though, those things are fairly minor.

And hey, I actually finished an adult-size sweater. A baby sweater should be a breeze now…


2 responses to “I finished the sweater!

  1. An entire sweater: so impressive! It looks great, I love the big button band. And congrats on your on-the-way little one!

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