I’m back!

Astute readers may have noticed that I fell off the radar there for a long while. I wasn’t just not blogging; I was not crafting at all. See, what happened was… I got pregnant!

I’m 20 weeks today, and I’ve finally started to get back into sewing (and knitting). I (thankfully) never did have morning sickness or any kind of problems with food, but I was EXHAUSTED in much of the first trimester, and all I could do when I got home from work was to lay on the couch and stare mindlessly at the TV until I went to bed an hour or more earlier than normal.

Once the exhaustion finally started to abate, I got completely slammed at work, and the thought of starting sewing again was too much. Also, I wanted to make maternity clothes, but it seemed too early.

Well, it’s not too early any more.

Yes, I have a bump

Pictured above is the first sewing I’ve done in quite a while and only my second piece from a vintage pattern. I used Simplicity 6238 from 1974, purchased from PrettyPatternShop on Etsy. The fabric is a cotton lawn from Fabric.com.

I have mixed feelings about the blouse. On the one hand, it’s SO comfortable, especially after trying to squeeze myself into too tight/too short shirts. And it’s light and airy in the suddenly warm Chicago weather.

This is why I don't usually wait until 5PM to take pictures. Please excuse the messy hair!

But the top is SO big. I know I’m going to grow and will appreciate the space in the belly area. But it’s too big in the chest. I’ll admit that I’m not used to sewing for my new cup size, but I actually just went with the pattern sizing for a 12, which should have fit and ended up with way too much room. I ended up adding some elastic at the waist on both sides, which did help cinch it up.

For reasons I can’t explain, the pattern called for a zipper in the back. I had plenty of room in the neck to pull it on without a zipper, so I left that out completely.

No zipper for me!

There you have it– a finished sewing project from me. More maternity clothes to come soon, since I’m running out of things I can wear. And baby clothes eventually too.

And finally, because everyone loves a cute ultrasound pic…

20 weeks


3 responses to “I’m back!

  1. Awwww! How sweet is that ultrasound?!! A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND YOUR HUBBY! Nothing in life can compare to the sweet joy of having a little baby to raise. Would you take a bit of advice from a 65 yr. old mother of four? Stay home and raise your child no matter what sacrifices you have to make–nothing that extra money can buy is more important than caring for and teaching your child. I promise you, in the end, you will not regret anything you had to give up at all. You look so happy in your photo and you will still have that smile on your face when this baby is grown.

    • Thanks! We’re pretty excited. I appreciate the advice, but me staying at home is definitely not an option for us. My husband is a PhD student, and at least until he graduates I’m the primary wage earner. But my husband will be able to stay home with the baby while he studies, and he’s much better suited to that than I am. 🙂 My office is only a mile from our house, so I’ll be able to get home quickly at the end of the day and could even bop home at lunchtime.

  2. Both babies are beautiful (mine and yours)! Love, Mom

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