It’s a wrap!

As I noted earlier, I got a little bored with the pace of Gertie’s Crepe Sewalong. The Sewalong is a great idea, but I’m a fast sewer without much patience, so it just doesn’t work well for me. And the Crepe is a pretty easy pattern with very clear instructions, so I just forged ahead on my own, with lovely results!


Crepe Dress in my "Winter Look"



Mu husband said that this is the most flattering thing I have ever made, and I might just have to agree with him. The contrasting waistband is a definite plus for my body shape (or for anyone with a waist that’s smaller than her hips), and all shades of blue look good on me (lucky thing, since I’m obsessed with blue!).

To top it off, the dress is comfy (with one notable exception I’ll talk about later). The pockets are fantastic and hit in just the right place, and I feel very girly in this dress, which is not something I feel often.


Sweater Necessary



As is usual with Colette Patterns (at least in the two I’ve done so far), the instructions are crystal clear, and I was never unsure what I had to do. I did have one adventure with the seam ripper, but that’s not entirely the fault of the pattern. Although the pattern never said to sew together the back seam and made it clear that you should finish the edges, I just kept thinking that of course I would need to sew up a back seam. And I did. But of course this is a wrap dress, and the back seam isn’t sewn up. I understood that on the bodice but somehow managed to forget on the skirt. Oh well, it worked out.

You may remember from my muslin that the size 2 was way too big in the bodice, even though it matched my measurements. I cut a size 0 for the bodice on the dress and a 2 on the skirt (although a 0 on the skirt probably would’ve worked). The 0 bodice is still a little big, but I think it’s fine. There’s some leeway in this style of dress, since you can pull things somewhat tighter with the wrap.


Please ignore my ubiquitous ponytail!

My only real gripe is that I don’t particularly like the seam down the front. With such a tiny, busy print, I didn’t both to try to match, but with a bigger print, you would almost have to, and it would be tough since the skirt front pieces are so big. Also, the bow in the back, although super cute, is a little painful when you lean back in your chair, like I tend do. It’s also a little too high up for the cardigan I’m wearing with it, which is not a terribly long sweater. I guess I’ll need to knit a shrug to go with it if I want to keep wearing it in winter!


This is the first piece of clothing on which I serged all of the edges before doing anything else, and oh my goodness, it’s so much easier. I’ll be doing that in the future!

Bottom line: it’s a super cute dress with good instructions. I’m thinking of making the other view in black as a little black dress, probably with the bodice seems taken in a bit.


I had to take this picture twice to get the bow close to right. πŸ™‚




10 responses to “It’s a wrap!

  1. I really, really love this!

  2. It is girly and flirty and fun!! I can’t believe you made it! Please add this to the linky party today!

  3. That looks so great! I love the fabric choice–it seems very “wintry”, but in a flowery way. The dress looks so good on you, too. That back view is great, with the bow, and the body of the skirt. I just might have to buy this pattern soon. I was trying to resist, thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

    • It’s funny. I didn’t really think all that highly of the dress when the pattern was first released, and I only sewed it because of the sewalong, but in the end I really love it!

  4. So cute and flattering!! I love this dress, every version I’ve seen is just gorgeous! Love the floral print too πŸ™‚

  5. Beautiful dress! I have been leaning towards trying out this pattern for a wedding I have in March. I might have to go get it now. What type of fabric did you use for your version?

    • It’s probably technically a quilting cotton. It’s certainly stiffer than lawn or voile, although it’s a good deal softer than some quilting cotton I’ve used. It’s Alexander Henry from the Lorenza collection that I bought on sale at Sew, Mama, Sew for $4.50/yard! The black is just cheap shirting cotton from The pattern calls for drapey-er fabrics, but I kind of like the way the skirt flares out with the stiffer cotton. Plus, I think it makes it more work-appropriate.

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