Friday Progress Report

Well, I might not have been good about blogging, but I have actually accomplished quite a bit this week:

  • First off, the Special Olympics scarf is done and in the mail (maybe actually at its destination by now)! Yay! It was for a good cause, and it was probably good knitting practice, but I hope that’s the last scarf I ever knit, especially in Red Heart Super Saver. Anyway, I hope that the recipient enjoys it!
  • Also, the body of my sweater is done. Whee! It went a lot faster than I thought it would. Of course, it is pretty mindless knitting, just endless stockinette with the occasionally waist decrease or hip increase and finished off in a bit of garter. Anyway, I like it, and it fits. And I don’t have a picture (sorry), but it looks like a garment now, a vest anyway. On Monday I’ll learn how to pick up the sleeves. Those will be less mindless, I’m sure, especially since I’ll eventually get to the DPNs. I also have the shawl collar/button band to do. It doesn’t look super difficult, but I’ll be happy to have an instructor show me how!
  • I cut out the fabric for the Pendrell sewalong. I can’t wait until we start sewing next week!
  • Then I got bored with the pace of the Crepe sewalong and went ahead and cut and serged all of the pieces and started sewing. I finished the bodice and half the skirt. I actually had time to finish last night, but given the insane deep freeze we’re in here, I knew I wouldn’t want to wear the dress to work today anyway, so it’s on hold. Instead I started more knitting!
  • Last night I apparently had a case of start-itis (I’ve heard it’s going around). I cast on for my first sock, using the sock cocktail kit I got from Knit Picks. So far, I’m pretty dubious about socks. The needles are so tiny (in circumference), and the DPNs might just drive me batty. I’m thinking of learning the Magic Loop method instead.
  • Finally, last night, I also cast on for my February lady sweater!! I think I’m not crazy about the yarn–Wool of the Andes in Jalapeno. The green isn’t as vibrant as I pictured, and the yarn is a lot scratchier than I’d like. But it was a good price, and I think I’m going to keep going. It is a cardigan, so I’ll always have something on underneath. And I’m muted, so it’s fine if my color choice is too. 🙂 On the upside, the sweater seems like it will be totally do-able at my current skill level.

And to think, I also worked four days this week!


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