Knits in Progress

The thing about knitting is–it takes forever.

Blue and Turqua and Blue and Turqua. Forever.

I’m still knitting away on the Special Olympics scarf, which I need to finish by January 18! It’s going along fine, but K2, P2 is soooo boring, and this Red Heart Super Saver is just not inspiring (nor are these colors). I finally realized that my size 10 needles were way too long, and that’s making me work harder (or feel like I’m working harder?) than I should be.

13" needles. I can't imagine what I would need those for!

I had to get size 10 16″ circulars for my sweater (for the sleeves), so I bought them early to use on the scarf.What a difference. I need to start using circular needles for everything. :)I’ll be done with this scarf soonish. I hope. I just need to remember to budget time for all those ends to weave in. Darn color work. Oh, and I need to weave in an end where a destructive kitty chewed through the yarn. Sigh.

I’m also busy at work on my sweater, which is much more rewarding knitting, even if it will take an enormous amount of time. I love the Malabrigo Rio, even if my husband does keep making fun of me for how much I spent on it. I’m sure it’s the last time I’ll spend this much on yarn, so I have to enjoy it now. Sigh. I also love my Hiya Hiya 32″ circulars. Although the pattern called for size 8s, I had to get 10s to get gauge. Any guesses why I knit so tightly? Overanxious control freak here? Nope…

It's starting to look like a sweater!

I’ve knit (from the top) down to where we split for the sleeves and put in the scrap yarn to hold those stitches. Now to complete the body–that’s a LOT of stockinette to do. At least it’s pretty easy, with occasional decreases and then some increases for shaping. Can’t wait until I knit some guy sweaters with no shaping! And then the sleeves. And then the shawl collar. Why did I choose such a complicated pattern?


One response to “Knits in Progress

  1. Oooo, LOVE the sweater yarn!!! So pretty!

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