Sewalong Fever

This must be the season for sewalongs; they’re popping up all over. Despite my thus-far unsuccessful history with Sewalong, I remain intrigued by them. I thought about doing the Trouser Sewalong with the Cupcake Goddess, since I would like to learn how to properly make pants and not keep relying on lucking into it (although, I do seem to have more luck with the bottom half of my body than with the top).

But it started at a bad time, and I didn’t have time to even think about getting the pattern (Burda #127) or the fabric. I may come back to these posts at some point.

I’m also interested in Casey’s Swing Dress Sewalong, and I may come around to doing it, but I would have to break my own rule about buying any more patterns or fabric until I’m done with the ones I have. Also, I do seem to have a lot of dresses now.

It’s a pretty cute dress, though….

So, I’m going to settle for just three(!) sewalongs for now.

First up, I’m changing my mind and jumping back into Gertie’s Crepe Sewalong. Luckily, the pacing of sewalongs is sooooo much slower than I’m used to that I think I can catch up.  Last night I worked on that pesky muslin. I tried everything I could think of with the front darts, and it still just didn’t look right. Then I put the darts back where they started and took in another 1/4″ on the shoulder and sides (I’d already taken it in once from my original size 2), and voila! It’s still not perfect, but I don’t have the patience for perfect, and it actually seems like it fits pretty well now. So, that makes me a size negative 2 on top for Colette Patterns? Hmmm.

Now I just need to cut the fabric and stay-stitch the collar (which I plan to do today or tomorrow), and I should be pretty much on track.

I’m also pretty excited for the Sewaholic Pendrell blouse Sewalong. My pattern finally arrived yesterday after a delay and some fantastic customer service from Tasia, and I’ve really been looking forward to making at least two versions (maybe three) of this blouse. I love that it has no closures!

I am going to have to learn to grade from one size to another, though, because these patterns are designed for pear-shaped ladies, and I am not. So that should be a fun challenge. I may make view C out of leftover red cotton from my Star Trek dress, as kind of a (hopefully wearable) muslin. It would be great for layering!

Finally, and this is the one I am super jazzed about, Peter at Male Pattern Boldness is hosting a Negroni Sewalong! Negroni is the new Men’s Shirt pattern from Colette patterns! I’ve been excited but very nervous about sewing a shirt for my husband, so this should be a great help!

Maybe I’ll knit my husband a sweater to wear over it at the same time…


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