Finished Object: The Irish Hiking Hat!

My knitting queue may have been too short because I’ve already finished one of the items–the Irish Hiking Hat.

Cable's not for TV; it's for hats!

And I love it! Cables were much easier than I thought they would be, thank goodness. And I’m glad I did them on a hat because while cables are easy, I can see how they might get tiresome on something bigger.

I didn’t make any changes to the pattern, except that I accidentally cast on 94 stitches, instead of 96, so my last grouping had only 4 stitches in the cable (2 and 2) instead of 6. It worked fine, though, and I eventually sorted it out in the  decreases. And, importantly, I didn’t switch to DPNs until just after the last cabling round. I think that may have been key to me not howling in frustration.

Yes, that cable in the middle has 4 stitches instead of 6.

I used Red Heart Classic that I had in my stash from who-knows-where, and I liked it a million times better than Red Heart Super Saver. The skein of 100 grams still has a lot left, and it’s sporting a price tag that says $1.45! That made for a very cheap cable practice that I have given to my coworker, Jill.

I see more cables in my future!

Jill hasn't posed for an action shot yet, so you'll have to settle for me as the model. And I think this is closer to the true color.

Coming soon: a sewing post!


2 responses to “Finished Object: The Irish Hiking Hat!

  1. Nice! I’m impressed at how fast you’re learning. Always wanted to try knitting myself and was too scared 🙂

  2. Thank you for another essential article. very good idea. This information I think is very useful for camping hiking addict. 😀

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