On Knitting a Sweater

Last night I started knitting my first sweater! I’m taking a sweater knitting class at Loopy Yarns. In four short classes, I’ll know how to knit a sweater.

We’re working on Top Down sweaters (no seams!), and everyone has a pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple. The class is all women, so I won’t get to see any of the men’s patterns, but the six of us chose different patterns and different yarns, so it will be interesting to see the variety.

I’m making:


I hope I look happier when I wear mine.

I really wanted to try a cardigan, since that’s what is most useful to me. And I thought it would be neat to learn how to do this shawl collar/button panel that seems to be knit sideways.


For the yearn, I’m going with the Malabrigo Rios in Azul Profundo. Just don’t ask me how much it cost. The yarn is gorgeous and fun to knit with so far. And it’s machine washable! I’ll get as much enjoyment out of it as I can because I can’t imagine I’ll be purchasing a lot of Malabrigo!


Not just blue... Azul Profundo!

So far, I’ve learned that I’m a really tight knitter. Most of my sweater is knit on size 8 round needles (29-inch). I had to go up to size 10s to get gauge! And of course I chose a pattern that requires three different round needles, none of which I owned previously, and a set of double points that I’ll need to purchase as well.


Last night we cast on and started the neck. I learned to increase by knitting in the front and the back of the stitch, which seemed awkward at first but has turned out to be pretty easy. Good thing because my first 47 knit rows have 8 increases a piece. When I got home, I figured out how many stitches each row should have and realized I hadn’t increased everywhere I needed to in the 4 or so rows I’d done, so I ripped it out and started over. Hopefully the neat excel chart I made will help!

This week I will be knitting those 47 rows (and purling their wrong sides) so that we’re ready to divide for sleeves next week. Whee!


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