Sewing Queue

My 2011 sewing queue (in no particular order), and yes, I have purchased everything I need (patterns, fabric, buttons, and zippers) for these projects:

  1. Bella Jeans.
    I’m actually most of the way done with these, but I ran into a snag when my machine couldn’t handle automatic buttonholes through thick denim fabric. And the jeans are too tight. This size was perfect in the gray polyester suiting fabric, but I need to find a way to make them slightly looser. And make buttonholes. In theory, this project will only take another hour or so, but it’s been sitting there for a month now. 

    Bella jeans that actually fit the model.

  2. Beignet
    Another one I’ve made before (and loved!). This time I want to make it in black, since I don’t have a good black skirt. I loved the brown in Kona, so that’s the fabric I’m using for the black

    My first Beignet

  3. Pendrell Blouse (x2)
    I’m pretty excited to make the first pattern from Sewaholic Patterns: the Pendell blouse! There have been some gorgeous versions around the blogosphere, and I actually bought two fabrics, to make it twice. Once will be in a yellow/black chiffon to go with the black Beignet, and the other will be in a Brown/Taupe/Aqua charmeuse to go with the brown Beignet. 🙂 

    One of Tasia's Pendrell blouses from

  4. Ceylon Shirtdress
    I loved my first foray into a Colette pattern (the Beignet), so I’m going to try again. I adore the Ceylon and had wanted to order it for a while before I finally broke down. I was feeling particularly wintery when I bought the fabric–a cotton/poly poplin in Merlot. And instead of fabric-covered buttons, I’m going with statement metal buttons

    The Ceylon

  5. The Crepe
    You may recall that I started this (another Colette pattern) as part of Gertie’s sew-a-long, but I didn’t get very far, what with not knowing how to fit and work getting in the way. I will finish this sometime. 🙂 

    I do like the lack of closures!

  6. Negroni
    OMG! A piece of clothing for someone other than me! Okay, so my husband is a pretty good sport about my crazy hobbies, so I want to do something nice for him. And if I’m ever going to master a men’s shirt, it will be with the help of Colette patterns and in this cotton shirting fabric. But it could be tricky. I’m not very good at fitting yet… 

    A men's shirt!

  7. Lydia
    Such a simple shirt (I hope). I’m actually going to attempt to make it into an empire waist dress. Because, you know, I can’t ever doing anything that’s easy. Plus, I got a great embroidered navy blue jersey, and I got the end piece, so I think I can avoid hemming. 

    A $1 pattern!

I have a few other ideas brewing (the Jennifer, my vintage wool suit, something to do with the Amy Butler fabric), but I don’t think I’m ready to commit to those projects at the moment.


One response to “Sewing Queue

  1. This is a great line-up! Good luck with everything. I also have the Ceylon on my to-do table, with fabric ready…but I still haven’t started it. Maybe seeing yours will kick me to do mine!

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