Crafting Resolutions

Happy New Year! I thought 2010 was pretty great (after all, it’s the year I started sewing and knitting!), but 2011 should be even better.



Apropos of nothing. I just love my kitties. 🙂

I’m the kind of person who makes resolutions all year ’round (and sometimes sticks to them), but no reason not to make some at New Years:


  1. I will start sewing again. 🙂
  2. I will not purchase any more sewing patterns or any more fabric until I’ve gone through my project queue (I’ll post that tomorrow). Purchase of thread is okay, but I think I even have all the buttons and zippers I need for these projects!
  3. I won’t purchase any yarn until I get through my knitting queue (I’ll post that Monday). This could be more difficult because I still have a major yarn-buying bug. Also, I will almost certainly need to buy some sewing gear–needles, etc–so I’m not going to promise not to do that.
  4. I will sew something for someone else.
  5. I will get serious about learning how to fit and about fitting my clothing. I will make muslins if necessary, and I will try things on as I go. And I will do this with knitting too.
  6. I will learn to hand sew. Sigh. And I will not back away from it when it’s the better choice.
  7. I will not take up any new hobbies in 2011. That’s almost certainly going to be the hardest for me!

We’ll see how I do. I’m pretty committed to 1-3 anyway.

How about you? Any sewing/knitting resolutions?


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