Handcrafted Holiday

As any reader of this blog must know, I am pretty selfish when it comes to sewing. In fact, I have yet to make anything for anyone other than myself (unless you count the couch pillows that my husband and the cats also use). I do have plans to make a shirt for my husband (more on that later), but largely I just don’t feel accomplished enough to sew clothes for other people, and I’m not that interested in sewing non-clothing items.

Strangely, although I’ve been knitting an even short amount of time, I’m more interested in knitting for others. And now I have!


Baby Hats

They look so teeny-tiny.


Two of my cousins had babies recently and another has one on the way, so I got the brilliant idea to knit them all hats. And I got this idea about a week before I was going to see them. With four super-busy work days in between. Two of the hats were knit entirely after we got to Ohio on Thursday; the other part in the car on the drive out and the rest in Ohio.

I used the same ribbed pattern and same decreases as on my hat. I was comfortable with that, and I wanted to use ribbing so that the hats would grow with the babies. Knitting on round needles with only 64 stitches for the girls’ hats and 72 stitches for the boy’s hat was painful after a while, but I wanted to avoid the double-pointed needles until I needed them on the deceases. I used Lion’s Brand Wool-Ease, mainly because I had it in my stash (I have no idea how I acquired most of this stash) but also because it’s machine washable, which seemed necessary for a baby hat.

My cousin, Jeannette, put her son’s hat on him right away and got an action shot:


Adam in hat

Before he started fussing that he was too hot. 🙂

(Please don’t steal this picture, especially since I already stole it from Jeannette.)


Something about knitting makes me want to make for others. I have plenty of plans for knitting for myself, but I am already thinking of sweaters for my husband and my brother, socks for my dad, sweaters for the cats…


One response to “Handcrafted Holiday

  1. Thanks again for the hat! We love it 🙂

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