Knitting Away

Dear Blog,
I apologize for abandoning you! I have not stopped sewing for good, but it’s difficult to do when my husband is on break from school, since I want to spend my free time (which isn’t much, with the amount I’ve been working) with him. I have been knitting a lot, since I can do it while talking to him or watching TV together.



Okay, I don't really wear a hat in the office usually.


See, I finished my first hat! And started another. 🙂 And I’ve been knitting away on my scarf. Note to self: scarves take forever.

I have sadly fallen off the path on Gertie’s Sewalong. I need to work out the fit, which could take a while, so I may not get back to the Crepe for a few months. It’s really a spring dress anyway… And I have some easier projects, or at least ones that don’t involve much fitting, to do first. And some that really need to be sewn while it’s still winter!

So, blog, I will have a few knitting posts here and there, and a to-do list in early January, but don’t expect much sewing from me until mid-January!

All my best,



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