I heart knitting

Lest you think I’ve abandoned it, let me assure you that I have been diligently knitting away. I have very quickly learned to love knitting. It’s so fantastic that I can knit in front of the TV, on a bus, while having a conversation with people. Although I obviously love sewing too, sewing always seems like such a big production. Believe me, I’ve sewing in front of the TV too, but it really requires a lot of space to cut, to pin, to run two machines. I’m unlikely to get a lot of sewing done over the next month or so while my husband is on a break from school because it’s difficult to sew and be with him at the same time. But knitting is so much more social (at least the super easy knitting I’m doing).

Last week in knitting class, we started our hats!

My hat that looks like a sleeve.

As you can see, we’re knitting in the round. So far I love knitting in the round. It’s so much easier to get a rhythm going when you aren’t switching needles every x number of stitches. Our homework for the week is to knit 6 inches, and I’m almost there.  In class this week we will learn to finish it off, and I’ll finally understand how to decrease stitches. 🙂

I’m a bit concerned that it looks so narrow, but the ribbing is pretty stretchy. I can’t wait to wear a homemade scarf and hat!

And with everything organized, I’m now using my grandmother’s sewing basket as my work basket next to the couch.


Grandma's work basket

I have so many memories of this basket in my grandma’s house, and I’m so honored to be using it now. I only hope she would be proud of my knitting and sewing. I miss her. 😦



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