Productive Weekend

I actually sewed this weekend, even if I don’t have much to show for it. In addition to the Crepe muslin (post on that tomorrow), I did a lot of little fixup stuff that had been piling up. I

  • tacked down the ruffles on my JJ blouse;
  • mended the serger-caused rips on my Bella pants;
  • sewed back on a mini-snap that had come off a store-bought shirt; and
  • fixed a belt loop that was coming off on my Beignet skirt.

As if all of that weren’t enough, I finally organized my sewing and knitting stuff. It had managed to spill into three rooms in an odd collection of bags and baskets, and it was completely unruly and disorganized, not to mention ugly.

I remembered that I had some plastic drawers down in storage that were going to waste, and voila:




I love it! I don’t love that it’s in my dining room, but there’s really no other space, and I do most of my sewing in the dining room anyway. The bottom drawer had yarn (yes, I have that much yarn already), the middle drawer has fabric and interfacing, and the top drawer had patterns, various doo-dads for the two machines, and scrap fabric.


I have a bag problem.


The blue and white basket has my grandma’s collection of knitting needles (it’s quite extensive). The green bag has sewing notions (thread, scissors, buttons, etc). And the navy blue bag holds sewing projects in progress (sticking out of the top you can just see my Bella jeans that are still awaiting buttons and buttonholes).



The best part of this is that I can actually see my fabric stash! Sort of, anyway. There’s some fabric hidden under other fabric, but I know it’s there. It’s still a pretty small stash, and I actually have almost all of it earmarked for specific projects. And, ahem, a little more fabric in the mail on the way here…



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