Me? A Beautiful Blogger?

Wow! Amy K. at Sewing By the Book has nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award! I am incredibly honored! Sadly, I have no time right now to write up the accompanying post and to nominate others, but I promise to do so, probably in January. Thanks, Amy!

Also, progress on the scarf! I *love* it!


Starting to look like a real scarf!

And I tried sewing this weekend. I did. But I learned that my sewing machine won’t do the automatic buttonholer through two layers of denim. Any suggestions?


Finally, posting will be sporadic and light through December. This is my busy-busy-busy time at work, and it will likely spill into what are normally non-work hours. I’ll be doing Gertie’s sewalong, but otherwise, the sewing projects will likely have to wait until January. Sigh.


One response to “Me? A Beautiful Blogger?

  1. Wow! I’m so proud! Also, I LOVE the color of the scarf. Love, Mom

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