The Scarf… in progress

After two weeks of just practicing the knit stitch, we learned to purl at class this week and started our scarves!



Knitting pictures are much more difficult to take than sewing pictures!


We’re using Cascade 220 yarn, and mine is “Cyan”. It’s a ribbed scarf with 36 stitches across (K2, P2). I have no idea how long this will end up being, but the instructor said not to use more than one ball of yarn this week. 🙂 Sadly, I’ve actually ripped this out and started over twice,  so I don’t have as much done now as I did walking out of class. Sigh. I didn’t make any mistakes in class, and then I got home and made some kind of horrible mistake on the very first row I did. And our instructor had taught us how to fix mistakes, but I couldn’t even figure out what the mistake was, just that somehow I was off on my knits and purls. I wasn’t that far along, so I decided to start over. And then it happened again an hour later. I swear from here on out, I’m going to start keep going!

Next week we start our hats! And knitting in the round! I’m pretty excited about that. We will have more time to work on the scarves after that, so I don’t actually have to finish the scarf this week. I do want to get ahead, though, because I’ve committed to knitting a scarf (also a K2, P2 rib) to donate to Special Olympics by January 18. And oh yeah, I signed up for the Knitting a Sweater class in January…

So, in the next week (less than a week), I plan to turn much of this ball of yarn into a scarf-like object.



That's not a computer in the background. Really.

I’ll get back to posting about sewing soon. I’ve been a little down about sewing because I was having so much fun serging seam ends that I serged right through my Bella pants, and cut two rips that I haven’t been able to fix. But never fear, I have 10 items in my sewing queue for the next few months!



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