Butterfly Dress

I’ve finally made my first dress from a vintage pattern. And, well, it didn’t make me as happy as I thought it would.


Butterfly dress
It’s winter/work appropriate. Really.

This is Simplicity 7072 from 1967. I love the drawings on the pattern envelope.


Simplicity 7072

It just invokes 1967, doesn't it?

The dress looks so simple and elegant. I wasn’t entirely sure about the butterfly fabric, but I thought that a simple form should be able to handle it. And I think it does.

So, it was easy to sew up. The directions were much easier to understand than I thought they would be. I guess I’ve just gotten used to bad Burda directions! I felt like I was doing a great job on the dress. I was even serging up the seam ends as I went. I underlined in a polyester fabric, which was great (and I got to practice a rolled hem on the lining). I did my usual invisible zip instead of a more complicated lapped one.

I finished fairly quickly and stood back to admire my work. And then I tried it on. I know, I know. You should make a muslin and try on as you go and so on. I did actually try it on as I went, but I’m really bad at judging how much space a zipper will take up. Anyway, it was like a potato sack on me. I was bitterly disappointed and set the dress aside for a week. I finally came back to it and sewed up new shaping side seams (really, more like big darts in the side seams). I angled them, but at the narrowest place, I sewed a seam 1.5″ in from the old seam (so 3″ total). It was madness, but the dress looked a heck of a lot better when I was done.


I look pretty happy, right?

The thing is that the dress looks okay, but not as special as I’d hoped. And it’s uncomfortable! Something about the high neckline and the still too much ease makes it sit really funny. I had a horrible time finding a sweater that would actually work with the dress. Everything I put on made the neck bunch up in the back. I finally settled on the gray one above because the shape was the best, even if the color looks odd with my brown tights and shoes. Luckily, my office is a sauna, so I didn’t wear the sweater much.

Anyway, lesson learned. I will start making muslins!


2 responses to “Butterfly Dress

  1. You can also skip muslins and try the dress on by pinning it together inside out once it’s cut. Much easier to make adjustments that way.

  2. Great dress! It looks so versatible. I have a similar pattern, although it’s not a true vintage but one that was reissued by the pattern company.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. You can grab the image from my blog: http://www.sewingbythebook.com/2010/12/beautiful-blogger-award.html.

    Thanks for all of your inspiring posts!

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