1 Piece Kimono Tee

I’ve now made my first (super comfortable) t-shirt!

Kimono Tee

The Kimono Tee at work

I used the 1-Piece Kimono Tee pattern from Burdastyle. It’s free(!), and as it says, you cut just one piece of fabric. I used the Slub Poly/Rayon Blend Jersey Knit in Turquoise from Fabric.com. It was my first time working with a knit, and it was a pretty slippery fabric to cut. I think it would have gone better to cut the pattern in two pieces because cutting the neck hole out of the middle on this kind of material was not fun.

The pattern is fine, and pretty simple. I didn’t look at the directions much, so I can’t speak to them. I can say that the small was way too big for me. I used my serger (yay!) on the side seams and had to do them a second time an additional inch in on both sides. I folded under the sleeve ends to hem with a zig zag stitch on my regular machine.

kimono tee

You can see how it's just one piece!

The wonky bit you see handing off on the right sleeve is from the second time up the side seam. I need to fix that.

The fabric was so slippery on the neck and hemline that I decided to just do a rolled hem on both. I only have white serger thread, so white it is. I think it actually looks pretty cute.

Rolled hem

You can barely see the rolled hem because it rolled up so much!

My husband said the white made it look “edgy,” but I don’t know about that. I’m not 100% pleased with the rolled hem yet. I think I don’t have the tension balanced quite the way I want it yet.

The shirt is not perfect, but it’s so comfortable and nice enough to wear to work. Plus, it was good practice on the serger. I LOVE the serger, but the way, and I may just start doing all of my sewing on it. 🙂 I did a lot of boring serging of seams on previously made items this weekend, and I also made a pair of really ugly (but really comfy) sweatpants that I may post here at some point. I also made a dress this weekend (I had a four day weekend, and I spent most of it sewing!), but you won’t see that until I fix some pretty egregious fit issues.


One response to “1 Piece Kimono Tee

  1. My mom used to sew t-shirts for me when I was a kid because they really didn’t sell them like they do now.

    Nice work! I loved that dress in the next post too. Gorgeous!
    Hope the writing is going well!

    chrisdd from National Novel Writing Month (Southside)

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