Crafting for Charity

Since starting sewing, and now knitting, I’ve been intrigued by the notion of crafting for charity. If you read this blog, it’s obvious that I make everything for myself, partly because I’m not yet confident to give things I’ve created to others, but partly because I just like keeping these things that I’ve worked so hard on. But I do feel a little selfish, and I’d like to give a little. (I do the same thing with marathoning. I’ll only let myself do something as totally selfish as training for a marathon if I’m also raising money for charity.)

Little Dresses for AfricaThe first such project I heard about is the Little Dresses for Africa project. My mom told me that a sewer she knows has done this, making three quick dresses. All my mom knew about it was that it had something to do with Nancy’s Notions. I found the website, and I’m pretty interested in it, although I haven’t done anything about that interest yet! From the Nancy’s Notions site, you can either download project instructions for using fabric from your stash, or you can buy a kit to sew three dresses. The kit is $25, but I still learn more toward that, since everything including the bias tape is included. I don’t think I actually have three yards of fabric in my stash that aren’t earmarked for something specific that I plan to sew soon (as much as I’d like to be a fabric hoarder, I can’t really justify it!).

Special Olympics Scarf ProjectNow that I’m knitting, the other project that has caught my eye is the Scarves for Special Olympics project. I don’t actually know where I heard about this one, but Special Olympics is really important to my family, and I haven’t been back in Ohio the right weekend to help out in a long, long time, so I’d like to do something. The idea is that people knit or crochet scarves for the athletes in the winter games, using their chosen colors for this event. They’ve partnered with Ref Heart Yarn, so the yarn colors are Red Heart Super Saver Turqua and Blue. You can order the yarn from anywhere, but the project has an easy link to order, as well as suggested scarf patterns. There’s at least one pattern that looks easy enough for me to do after this class, although the deadline to mail the scarf is January 18, which could be pushing it a bit. Now if only Red Heart didn’t want to charge more for shipping than for yarn, or if only I had thought of this before I placed a yarn order on yesterday (to take advantage of a free shipping deal).

Have you done any crafting for charity? I know there are lots and lots of other options out there!


One response to “Crafting for Charity

  1. My mother-in-law knits blankets , and perhaps hats, for a local hospital. I think it is for NICU babies. I think they also make burial clothing for the babies that dont make it. I dont know specifics but I know she is involved with a group that gets together to knit each week.

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