I’m back! I have finished the 50,000 words of my National Novel Writing Month novel (though not the whole story), and I am itching to start sewing again. Depriving myself of sewing until I reached 50,000 must have been a good incentive because I finished in 12 days instead of 30.

As a reward, I ordered my serger. It should arrive Tuesday Monday! (we have Amazon prime for free for the year because my husband is a student). Reviews to come as soon as I learn to use it (which will hopefully be made easier by my purchase of the very cheap Complete Serger Handbook by Chris James.

$2.15 on Amazon!

In addition to getting back to sewing (yay!), I will be also be taking Beginning Crocheting Knitting at the perfectly named Loopy Yarns (it’s near the Loop in Chicago). I’ve tried to learn before but only with people showing me for a few minutes and then leaving me to my own devices. Eight Ten hours of in-class instruction should definitely help!

So, now it’s time to plan for my next sewing projects.

The first one will be boring. My husband wants a cover for our rather large TV. Actually, we have a cover, but it’s meant to be a BBQ grill cover, and it’s rather awkward on our TV. If you’re wondering why we need to cover our TV at all, meet Smokey and the Bandit:


They look sweet...

These rambunctious hooligans like to get into everything. They’ve even been known to chew through cords, so we like to keep them away from expensive electronics whenever possible. Also, we have LOTS of white fur flying all over our house, which my husband informs me is not good for said expensive electronics. Thus, the cover.

Through the magic of Freecycle, I was able to get a jersey top sheet (from a woman in my neighborhood, no less) that will be transformed into the TV cover. It should be a pretty easy project; it just sounds so boring that I’ve been putting it off. My excuse was that I didn’t have a serger, but now…

A t-shirt! Woo!Project #2 (not necessarily in that order) is the 1-Piece Kimono Tee from Burdastyle. I’m pretty excited about this one because I hope to make something that’s comfortable but also work appropriate. I’m pretty excited about the turquoise Slub Poly/Rayon Jersey Knit I got from that’s super drapey. Again, I was just waiting for the serger.

Third-ish, I’m going to make pajama pants. I don’t have a picture, but trust me when I tell you that my current favorite pajama pants are literally hanging by a thread. They’re so worn through from constant wear that they are sadly unsalvageable. I’m actually surprised that my husband hasn’t thrown them out when I wasn’t looking, but I will cry when I retire them. I don’t exactly have a plan for this one, and I certainly don’t have a pattern. I think I’m going to lay out the current pants on the fabric and cut, with some seam allowance built in. I have extra elastic laying around, and I’ll somehow figure out how to add a waist band casing. Actually, as I’m thinking of it, I may just cut the wait high and fold it down for the casing. We shall see. I have a very bright mircopoly stretch knit in coral from that should be ideal. They don’t seem to have it on sale any longer. I imagine they sold out when it was $1.95/yard as it was when I bought it.


I *heart* these buttons!

Finally, I plan to make Bella take 2, now in denim with cute buttons I got from (I’m not addicted, really…). I haven’t sewn with denim before, so I hope that my machine is up to it. I have bigger needles, which I hope will help. I thought the Bella pants came together great last time, so I am hopefully that the jeans will be cute too. Now I just need to figure out how to do the darn button section.

I also have my first two vintage patterns (yay!), with accompanying fabric and some Any Butler fabric I got on sale that current has no purpose, but I’ll save those for another post.

I can’t wait to be sewing again!!


One response to “Success!

  1. Congrats! I ordered the exact same book with my serger. They both were delivered on Wednesday (thanks to Amazon Prime) but I haven’t taken them out of the box yet. I don’t want to overwhelm myself with new things to learn since I’m studying fitting right now, I’m thinking I’ll put it out this weekend.

    I read part of the Serger book and so far it seems pretty helpful. It makes the machine less intimidating.

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