On to November

Alas, my month of sewing is over. I am on to National Novel Writing Month, which means I probably won’t have much time for sewing. 😦  I am writing about sewing, though, so I may have sewing-related questions for the blogosphere! Also, my reward for myself when I reach my 50,000 words:



I’ve nearly finished one more item in October: a shirtdress of the JJ. I’m going to withhold judgment until I get the buttons sewn on and can see the final product. I will say that at the moment it looks more like a coat than a dress. I’ll most likely wear it to work on Wednesday and will post about it then.

Posting may be a bit less frequent, but I’ll still be here, I promise. And if I finish 50K as quickly as last year, I should be sewing again in two weeks. 🙂

Meanwhile, check out the giveaway on my Star Trek Blog!


2 responses to “On to November

  1. Good luck – that’s a fantastic reward to look forward to!

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