JJ Blouse with Pretty Princess Seams

I finished my last to-sew item of October, the JJ Blouse!

Work-appropriate! Yay!

I can now stop buying clothes from stores altogether! 🙂

In typical Burdastyle fashion, the instructions were practically inscrutable. I’d read some set of instructions over and over and over again and then just put them aside and wing it.

I especially didn’t understand:

  1. The button area. So, I just looked at lots of blouses I owned and did what I thought made sense, based also on the pattern markings. I think I did that completely right.
  2. The ruffles. So I googled “How to make ruffles.” I think I did them right, too. However, despite ironing the heck out of them, they will not stay flat, so I will be tacking them down.


    Darn ruffles *will not* stay down!

  3. The sleeve slit. It turns out there was a technique help for this one, but I didn’t realize it until too late. So I winged too. And, although I’m pretty sure I didn’t do it right, I think it looks nice.


    Completely unnecessary detail, but it's cute.

  4. The collar. I still don’t know what I did on this one, and I know it’s not right, but it mostly works. The only problem is that the collar shouldn’t have come as far forward. It should have ended before the button flaps. Oh well. I realized this after the collar was on, and I really didn’t want to take it off to re-do. Since the buttons don’t go all the way up to the collar, it works out okay.

Lots of new stuff for me here, and more hand-sewing. That’s right–I hand-sewed the buttons. In the end, it seemed easier than machine sewing them. And I think I might be getting a little bit better at it. 🙂


Please note the fancy red fashion accessory (aka, bandage from giving blood).

I will re-make this pattern, and in fact I think I have all of the materials I need to do so. Maybe I will have some time in November somewhere? When I re-make, it will be as a shirtdress. Basically, I will just draft the pattern pieces longer. I’ll take out the ruffles, and I *might* try for long sleeves. And I want to add side seam pockets, which theoretically won’t be that difficult. I’m just not sure whether I have enough buttons. I’m pretty excited, though. I’ve been wanting to make a shirtdress for a while!


6 responses to “JJ Blouse with Pretty Princess Seams

  1. It looks great! So professional!

  2. Very cute – I will have to take a look at this pattern. If it’s any consolation, I find Burda’s directions difficult as well 🙂

  3. This turned out lovely!!! Great job. Impressed as always!!!

  4. I think your shirt looks lovely! I don’t know that I would bother tacking down the frills, they look pretty as they are. Funnily enough, Burda have always been the bane of my sewing existence as well. I’d spend hours driving myself nuts trying to interpret, press, tack and so on. Then I’d show my mum, who is a seamstress. She flip the instructions out of sight and say “Let me show you.” Sometimes it’s better and much less stress to just go with what you know!

  5. Very cute! You’re right, the more you sew the less you will want to buy clothing in stores.. it’s more fun to make your own and your money goes farther, too!

  6. Woot! Thank you so much for this tutorial, as I *really* want to sew the JJ blouse but am scared of the very “classically Burda” instructions. Your tips inspired me, and I feel that I now can tackle the blouse. I can’t wait to dive in and start taping sheets of paper together!

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