Unfinished Objects

For the first time in my brief sewing career, I have multiple unfinished projects hanging around.

The first is not only unfinished but abandoned. Sigh.

Paper Bag Skirt

It looks even worse in person.

You may recall how excited I was to make the Super Easy Paper Bag Waist Skirt. And I had a great idea: I would pull a Scarlett O’Hara and make it out of curtains! Actually, in this case, I would make it out of the bottom of curtains. We have curtains in lieu of doors on our bedrooms because, well, there were no doors when I bought the place (and I didn’t realize it until after I had signed the paperwork), and also because our kitties (who rule the place) prefer it that way. The curtains are much too long for the doorways, and I had just pinned them up to the right length before I knew how to sew. I thought if I just chopped off the bottom of one of the curtains, it would be perfect.


Inside of the casing.

In retrospect, it was a stupid idea, and I should have realized that as soon as I felt the curtain. I decided to make it anyway, just to see if I liked the style, but there was no joy in working with this very cheap fabric that had no drape at all. to add to the problems, I don’t know if I read the directions wrong or what, but my initial skirt was WAY too big. I kept moving the seams in further and further until I finally got them to something that seemed workable. I made the casing for the waist, but the fabric was so stiff that I was never happy with the fold of the casing.

The final straw came when I tried to put the elastic in the casing and got totally stuck. My leading safety pin came open and caught on the fabric. I fished out the elastic, but the safety pin was left behind. I’m not going back for it.

I may try the skirt style again someday, with better fabric (maybe the fabric I’ll have leftover after I cut for the JJ blouse). I still have the elastic ready to go.

My second unfinished object will be finished, likely this weekend. It’s my Star Trek dress (finally!).

Star Trek Dress

A glimpse into my bathroom. I mean, the Star Trek dress!

I’m reasonably happy with it so far. I had to lengthen the sleeves quite a bit from the Simplicity 3835 pattern, and I really should have made them even longer. I also made them wider. The wrists are now just barely wide enough to fit around the free arm of the sewing machine, but they seem a bit too wide to me. I will have to hem quite a bit off the bottom too. I lengthened it to be sure it was long enough, but as is it’s not the mini dress that it should be! And the dress is lined! My first lining. 🙂

Back of Star Trek Dress

Zippers look more invisible when the color matches well!

Jadzia Daz

Mini-mini dress.

I left this dress purposely undone for the moment because I wanted to think about how to do the collar. The original Star Trek dress has a distinctive black collar. I’m using a raglan sleeve pattern because I’m comfortable with the pattern and know the size fits, but it’s not perfect for this dress and collar. I will need to gather the neckline somewhere. In the pictures you see here, the collar is held up with a binder clip. That’s not a very elegant solution! I think I’m going to try to keep the gathers on the sleeves and in the back to be less noticeable. I shouldn’t need to do too much gathering; the collar will remain somewhat loose. You can see above that the zipper goes all the way to the top of the red fabric. I didn’t want to have to deal with another hook and eye (it’s bad enough that I’ll have to hand-sew the inside of the collar!), and I figure the collar will be loose enough to get my head out even if the collar is sewn all the way shut.

My final unfinished project is this week’s

Frock by Friday

Love this series!

from Grosgrain. It’s exciting to do a sew-along when it’s actually happening! What I have so far:

Satin and Lace

Yes, it's the color-scheme from the original dress. I'm boring!

Okay, so I’m a day behind, and all I have done is the cutting of fabric (after the taping together and cutting of the pattern). I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to do the original Gail dress or the ModCloth version, so I hesitated on cutting (visit this Grosgrain post to see what I mean). I’ve finally decided to do the top like the original dress, but I’m adding the elastic waist of the ModCloth version. We’ll see how it turns out. I was worried about cutting and sewing these fabrics, but the cutting at least went okay.


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