Simplicity 3835, Take Two

I didn’t want to forgot how to make the Simplicity 3835 top, so I’ve already made my second take on it:

Simplicity 3835 in floral

Work computer picture again of the surprisingly cute Simplicity 3835

The only real difference is the cap sleeve with elastic instead of the slightly longer sleeves. I didn’t alter these at all from the pattern, and they fit fine.

I also accidentally sewed the side seams at 1/2″ instead of 5/8″. It’s a tiny difference and seemed to work okay. Because of that, and because the fabric is much stiffer and less drapey than the cotton lawn, the shirt doesn’t hang quite as nice and looks a bit big. Tucking it in seemed to solve that problem just fine.

Top in full outfit.

I swear I ironed this skirt last night. Sitting at a desk all day makes me look frumpy.

If only it were boots weather, I could have worn this outfit with my brown boots. But alas, it’s 87 degrees in Chicago.

I’ve been envying all the people participating in Self-Stitched September. Since I didn’t even know how to sew on September 1, I obviously couldn’t wear an item that I sewed every day in September, but I’m feeling pretty happy that I’ve managed two days in September. I’m aiming for at least one more. I suppose if I wear my first skirt to lounge around the house on Saturday, I could do two more. 😛

I’ve been working on a paper-bag waist skirt that I may or may not finish, and I’m thinking about doing the dress from Simplicity 3835 while I’m still on a kick with that pattern. Stay tuned!


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