The Plan

So how, you may ask, do I plan to learn how to sew? Well, I know myself well enough to know that I will likely get frustrated quickly if I try to teach myself. I pulled out the sewing machine (my mom’s–more on that later) a few days ago and managed to get it threaded and make a few stitches on an old t-shirt. But I clearly don’t know what I’m doing, and my eyes glaze over every time I look at tutorials online.

The solution: I am signed up to take Sewing 101 at The Needle Shop (a “DIY Sewing School & Fabric Store”) this Saturday, where I will apparently learn to make this zippered pillow:

Sewing 101 Sample Pillow

My pillow will look exactly like this. Really.

I’m very excited! Although there were other options in Chicago, including free cheap courses at JoAnn Fabrics, The Needle Shop was so highly recommend by a friend and by Yelpers that it seemed the best option to get me on my way. (I’ll review the course after I take so you can decide if it’s worth the money for you.)

The Needle Shop

Plus, look how cute the shop is!

I was going to wait until after I completed the first class to get too carried away, but that’s not the way I work. So, even though I have yet to sew a garment, I have already signed up for a second class at The Needle Shop, entitled “Raglan Sleeve Top.” My friend, Devon (the aforementioned recommender of The Needle Shop), will be joining me at this class, so even if my shirt is a disaster, it should be fun!

Raglan Sleeve Top from The Needle Shop

I'm going to learn to sew real things! That I might be willing to wear in public!

I hope that after taking these two classes (and practicing on pillowcases and zippered pouches), I will feel confident enough to make a garment on my own. I have a few thoughts on where to start (more on that later too).

On a recent visit to Ohio, I stopped in at JoAnn Fabrics (yes, I know they have stores in Chicago, too) and purchased some cheap fabrics to practice on.

Kelly's colorful fabric purchase

I may have a thing for prints. Paging Uli Herzner.

And I may or may not have purchased some additional fabric (on sale!) at Sew, Mama, Sew.

So, the real plan is just to sew, sew, sew. And to blog about it. Because blogging will keep me motivated (I hope), and anytime I mess up, I can just think, “Hey, this will make a good story for the blog.”

I’m going to try to sew every day and to document here every project  I make (even the ones I give up on). Help keep me motivated!


6 responses to “The Plan

  1. Good luck! I’m jealous that you actually have a sewing machine to practice on – mine is still in CA.

    And I’m willing to be that the ST mini dress won’t be much more challenging than the shirt you’re sewing for class. The hardest part looks like the collar, that will require some backing or something to make stand up, but the rest looks pretty straightforward.

    I’ll keep reading and follow your progress 🙂 Can’t wait to see pix of the items as they go along!

  2. Thanks! I have some thoughts on the ST mini dress that I’ll post in a couple of days. The pattern for the shirt we’re making also contains a pattern for a mini-dress. Score! My big concern is the invisible zipper. The shirt doesn’t need one, but the dress will need some kind of zipper or closure.

    Anyway, thank you for the comment, and I’m happy to know that someone will be reading. 🙂

  3. Just wait until the fabric addiction kicks in! Sewing everyday — very impressive. Can’t wait to hear how you like the class. SO looking forward to our shirts!!

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